Grass Frames Single Speed Bamboo Bicycle

Frame Set:  $2000, Full Bicycle: $2800

“Morning, early, chilly, Fall. I roll away from the apartment to catch my morning class. My eyes tear up in the cold wind as I speed down Ontario’s cycle way; this is what commuting should be about. With each revolution of the pedals I could feel my joy rising”
-Al Roback, owner, Grass Frames-

“Josh and Al built me up an internal 7 (sram drive) and I took it out now and then. I had ridden mountain bikes in the park when I was younger, nothing serious. One day Josh was cycling with “my” bike so I took out the shop single speed for a spin; equipped with a Sram torpedo drive (a pin is inserted into the hub to switch between single speed and fixed, opposed to physically flip-flopping your wheel) and drop bars. I thought this was a kooky way to ride at first, but man this is the only way to ride! Later Josh and Al helped me to fit the frame a bit better and now I’ve got more power behind me! This is biking at its finest.
-Jacob, frame building technician with Grass Frames-


Road Frame Size 50 54 58
Seat Tube Length (cm) 55.00 54.00 58.00
Top Tube Length (cm) 52.70 55.20 57.60
Chainstay Length (cm) 41.50 41.50 41.50
Seat Tube Angle (deg) 74.25° 73.50° 72.75°
Head Tube Angle (deg) 72.25° 73.00° 73.75°
Bottom Bracket Drop (cm) 7.00 7.00 7.00
Head Tube Length (cm) 11.50 14.60 17.60
Fork Offset (cm) 4.50 4.50 4.50

Single Speed & Fixed Gear