Frequently Asked Questions

Is that real bamboo?

It sure is! Why would we bother with a phony finish when we could hook you up with the real deal?

Will it melt in the rain?

We build our bikes to last. They have survived the cold winds of Iceland’s fjords, the dry desert heat of California’s Joshua Tree, and, of course, the unrelenting rains of Vancouver. Our frames come with a solid three-year warranty.
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Why bamboo?

We choose bamboo for its strength, flexibility, and eco-credentials. Harnessing these properties we make frames that ride like steel and dampen vibration like no other. On top of all this bamboo is a carbon sequestering renewable resource, that maintained, will last generations (we bet your sisters bike can’t do all that! …unless she also rides bamboo).
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What are the joints made of?

The joints (also known as lugs, nodes, and joins) are a lay up of hemp fibre, hemp canvas and plant-oil based epoxy [tasty!].
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So you’re saying it’s green?

Yup! We not only we use the cleanest materials we can get our hands on, we put in extra effort to source them locally. On top of that we try to cut waste through innovation and the three ‘R’s.
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Is it lightweight?

Our frames start at 2 kg (4.5 lb) depending the size, geometry, style, and other customization. Our standard complete internal gear road bikes weigh in around 8 kg (18 lb). As we love a challenge, we could make something lighter if you’re looking for that little something special.
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Do your bamboo frames flex a lot?

Our frames flex enough to offer dampening, which offers a smooth, comfortable ride. We invite you to hop on and try one for yourself.
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Can you build me a custom frame?

All of our frames are a 100% handmade in Vancouver, BC. This gives us the advantage of being able to build a frame that will fit like a glove [one of those good fitting gloves, that is]. Do you love to ride fast and low, or do you want to cruise up-right and in style? Do you sport extra long legs and short arms? Are you really, really, really tall or small? Let us know and we’ll hook you up.

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Do custom frames cost more?

They sure do, and we will put that much extra love into your special geometry or unique detailing. Drop us a line and we’ll happily put a quote together for you.

Do custom bicycle components cost more?

We can make small substitution on our standard models for you for little to no extra cost, but if you’re gunning for that Chris King headset or Brooks saddle, we’ll happily put a quote together for you.
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I want one! Where do I get it? Gimme, gimme!

Whoa, take it easy there! Just give us a call at 604.871.9097 or send us an email at  and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll take care of the rest.
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