About Our Frames


Grass Frames’ bamboo and hemp are grown sustainably;  no pesticide or fertilizer is needed in their production [take that cotton!]. The epoxy resin we use is plant based, derived from plant oil, which is non-toxic [rest in peace, T-rex!]. Our finish of choice is a water-borne spar varnish, low VOC and soap and water clean-up [let the fish swim free].
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Grass Frames’ bamboo bike frames have great resistance to wear and tear. Scratches and nicks don’t effect bamboo like they would carbon-fibre, giving you a more durable frame [Like a rock... only it is a grass instead].  Bamboo, a fibrous material, will flex rather than case harden; the result? Case hardened metal will shear whereas bamboo bends dramatically and still bounce back.


Grass Frames’ geometries are cooked up in house and our frames are lovingly and meticulously hand crafted here in Vancouver, BC. This gives you a chance to support a local grass roots company and better yet a unique ride and great aesthetic.
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Grass Frames’ bamboo frames’ vibration dampening is superb, with a lively yet firm feel and a light frame to boot! Bamboo frame’s natural shock absorbency is greater than an aluminium or steel frame, which can be described as clunky in comparison. Our bamboo frames are also super light, allowing for easy maneuverability and ease of storage [sadly, this means that our frames don't double as barbells for your free presses].


Grass Frames allow for standard modern parts compatibility, featuring; seat tube (27.2mm), head tube (1⅛” thread-less), bottom bracket shell (68mm English thread), and dropouts (or track ends 130 mm spacing).

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