Open Season

Welcome to Grass Frames. I’m Al, one of the team that is working hard to bring you Vancouver’s first bamboo bicycle. Through many trials and tribulations we are working to build up our urban manufacturing infrastructure. James, Josh and I have a history of bike love, a special fondness that deepens and changes constantly. We hope to share our experiences and stories with you throughout this adventure. I would like to share with you my musings, thoughts, and experiences with life, the cycle(s), and everything. So, please join me in my journey.

Bikes are an integral part of our lives. As priorities shift and the cost of living rises, bikes are also a great alternative to our current systems. With more bike miles comes a greater need for comfort, ease of use, and personalization. When more bikes take to the streets our presence will be more noted by motorists and they will in turn give us riders more consideration. Remember to stay visible and vigilant of your safety.


Al has researched uses of bamboo as well as the various types available. He is the idea-man who was inspired to start building bamboo bicycles and is always coming up with plans to push GFW onto the next step. When he’s not on the production line he spends his time sourcing the materials and parts for our bikes, keeping in mind to source as locally and sustainably as possible. Al spent time in Japan and is a black-belt in the art of Kendo, having competed in various competitions.