Product Info

Why Bamboo?

We chose bamboo for its strength, flexibility, and eco-credentials. Having these three properties combined we are able to make a frame that rides like steel but has vibration dampening like no other. On top of all that its a renewable resource that if maintained properly will last generations.

All wrapped up?

We hand wrap every bamboo frame  eco-epoxy , hemp wrap, and our own special plant-based resin. We believe that we should try in every instance to make the best quality product we can while doing our part to change traditional toxic manufacturing methods.

Specs and What’s Next 

Our current frames are  based on a standard road geometry, with the additional benefit of having room for an internal gear hub.  Next season (Spring 2013) we will have our standard road bike with derailleur, a step through for the easy rider, and …. well we can’t tell you all of our secrets.

Pricing and Ordering

Frame Sets starting at $2000

Custom Built Bicycles starting at $2500

For any orders please contact: [email protected] 

For whole sale and bulk frame purchases please contact: [email protected] 

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    Vancouver, BC
    (Test rides & tours by appointment)

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