First Day of School

Hello and welcome to our new website and blog!

My name is James, one of the owners and operators of Grass Frame Works, and along with my partners, we’ll be using this blog to keep you up to date with all the interesting things we’re doing in our studio. There’s a lot we want to share, including our opinion on the new parts we’ve been ordering and testing, to our production methods, and even the hardships we’ve run in to while starting a new company from scratch.

While Al and Josh have been spending most of their waking hours getting the shop ready for full production since April of 2011, I’ve been mostly helping out from the sidelines while I continued working my old desk-job. But as of March 1st, I’m taking the plunge and start working full-time at Grass Frame Works. To me it feels like my first day of school where I’m both anxious and excited at the same time, and I know there’s going to be a lot for me to learn in the coming days.

While I’ve already learned a lot about balancing the books and keeping certain government bodies happy over the last 10 months, I have to admit it’s been a long time since I’ve seriously and regularly ridden a bicycle. It was back in high school that the guys and I would ride for hours around the trails in Stanley Park, but that was on $200 Walmart branded frames. There was a short stint where I owned and rode a well-equipped Brodie, but that particular bike was “humorously” removed from my lifestyle the very moment we were signing the lease for our new studio. Always use an appropriate lock, people!

So while others on this blog may be posing about triathlons, the circumnavigation of Iceland, and other such grand adventures, I hope to bring a beginner’s prospective to this site. I fully believe that with the right setup, anyone and everyone can become a regular rider. While I figure out my setup, hopefully I can help you with yours.


James Moore keeps things organised behind the scenes, doing accounting, paperwork, sales and general management for the company, but is also an aspiring designer and still finds time to gets his hands dirty in the shop. When he can, he logs flight hours towards the acquisition of a pilots licence.