The Team

Al Roback

Al has spent time researching the varieties and uses of bamboo. He is the idea-man who had the inspiration to start building bamboo bicycles and is always coming up with plans to continually push Grass Frames forward. When he’s not on the production line he spends his time finding materials and parts for our bikes, sourcing as locally and sustainably as possible. Al spent time in Japan and is a black-belt in the art of Kendo, having competed in various competitions.

James Moore

James Moore keeps things organised behind the scenes, doing accounting, paperwork, sales and general management for the company, but is also an aspiring designer and still finds time to gets his hands dirty in the shop. When he can, he logs flight hours towards the acquisition of a pilot’s licence.

Joshua Armstrong

Joshua is an experienced and knowledgeable craftsman. He compiled the geometry for Grass Frames as well as designed and streamlined the hands-on production methods we use to build them. Josh is always refining the work-flow to ensure our products are of the highest quality. On his off time he trains for Triathlons, hoping one day to complete an Ironman.

Jacob Absolon

Jacob is the go-to guy for all odd-jobs and is learning a wide range of skills while working closely with the experts in the shop. When he’s not helping with production he plays in local bands such as Ancient Obliteration and New KRK City.

Vadim Mugerman

Vadim brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team. He is our product tester and adviser, providing physical and moral help. Grass Frames will be sponsoring many of Vadim’s up and coming adventures.

Julian Hakim

Julian is an experienced website designer, natural interface designer, and branding expert, who has worked to re-brand and develop net presence for many Vancouver based companies including Grass Frames.